Our priority is to provide marine transportation services safely and effectively to protect our personnel, assets, cargo and to honour our customers and partners trust.

The company’s management standards and procedures include the assessment to achieve high quality and internationally applicable standards and aims for continuous improvement.

Our core values are: Respect, Commitment and Sincerity & Honesty.

We respect for:

  • Human life along with all other living beings’ existence
  • Multiculturalism
  • Individual differences
  • Our colleagues
  • Our company values

We are committed to:

  • Self-examination and lifespan development
  • Universal ethical values
  • Being reliable and loyal
  • Safety & environment
  • Our customers
  • Our crew friends

We are sincere & honest:

  • To our affiliates
  • About our values, visions & missions
  • About keeping our promises
  • About carrying on with upmost integrity

Our core values are milestones of every step we take in our road.