Environmental Protection Policy

Environmental Protection is a top priority for Battal Marine. The Company and its Senior Management is fully committed to a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for all forms of environmental pollution, and to ensuring that the areas in which we operate are protected from pollution by our ships. The company will continuously strive to identify and correct any conditions or procedures which may be hazardous to the environment.

The company will always conduct its business in compliance with international, national and local laws and other requirements to which its business activities are subject.

Pollution of the environment by a ship can be caused in a number of ways and may be the result of system failure or human failings. The company is committed to minimising the risk of either, by:

  • implementing a robust planned maintenance program,
  • continuous training and practicing of staff
  • following the procedures set down in this Safety Management System
  • adhering to the principles and procedures outlined in the Environmental Management Plan

The Company:

  • Responds quickly and effectively to environmental incidents resulting from its operations, in co-operation with industry organizations and authorized government agencies.
  • Undertakes appropriate reviews and evaluations of its operations to measure progress and to foster compliance with this Policy.
  • Conducts and supports research to improve understanding of the impact of its business on the environment, to improve methods of environmental protection and to enhance its capability to make operations compatible with the environment.
  • Manages its business with the goal of preventing environmental incidents and of controlling emissions and wastes to below harmful levels.
  • Shares its experience with others to facilitate improvements in industry performance.
  • Protection of the environment is also the personal and legislated responsibility of each individual employee. The company commits to put all available resources at the disposal of its personnel to ensure that they are in a position to fulfil that responsibility, and expects all personnel to make environmental protection their own top priority.

This Policy has the full support of Top Management and applies to all employees of the Company.