Welcome to Battal Marine

Over decades, Battal Marine has been offering its clients tailor-made industrial maritime solutions with high added value activities and integrated services

Navigating the Future

Marine Transportation is our expertise. Ships under our management are flexible and can carry all kinds of wet and dry cargo. We serve even the smallest ports with liquid, dry, (break)bulk and project cargo and as such connect the coasts of Europe, Mediterranean and Atlantic together.

Our activities include commercial management, technical and crew management and shipowning. Our vessels are operating in the full Atlantic basin including the Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Sea, we are a dedicated team of professionals committed to delivering creative and reliable shipping services.

We see ourselves as partners of the cargo industry and utilise the expertise of our teams to master the daily challenges to the transport of goods. Through years of experience in ship management, chartering and crewing, we generate reliable and sustainable results for our clients and investors.

Our service always remains personal and unbureaucratic.

Commercial Commercial

Battal Marine provides commercial operations and post-fixture services to meet charterers' requirements while taking care of ship owners' interests and assets.

Technical Technical

Battal Marine Ship Management AS providing comprehensive technical ship management services to group vessels and ship-owners.

Financial Financial

Shipowners within the shortsea and deep sea shipping market are forced by nature to optimize cost control and have a strict budget control.